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Face To Face With Death With ISIS TERRORISTS, God Of Chosen Delivers A Chosen. by Gospelpreacher1: 6:07pm On Sep 20

Bro Emmanuel came to testify of the mysterious and strong deliverance the GOD of CHOSEN gave to him while he was in the Middle Eastern nation of Qatar.

According to him, his delay in coming to give this testimony has caused him a lot. It even cost him his deportation from qatar.

According to him the angel of the Chosen kept appearing and telling him to go to Nigeria and share this testimony .

Despite the fact that he travelled to Nigeria on various occasions, He was stubborn to share for reasons best known to him.
On a certain day, he had an Encounter with the angel of the CHOSEN who plainly told him, he will be deported for being stubborn.

That was exactly what happened to him as for no reason he was deported back to Nigeria and banned for coming to Qatar for 7years.
Having seen how things are going in his life, he finally came out to share this Great testimony.

While in Qatar, he was working in a company as a cleaner.
It happened that God's Servant Pastor Lazarus Muoka visited Qatar for a crusade.

A friend of his pressured him to attend the crusade.
He attended the Crusade tho he was late.
According to him, God's Servant said to them befor he left. " This is an Arab country! I release angels to follow the Chosen ones here. And those of you who do not have good jobs, I Change your jobs to good ones.

After the Servant of GOD left, at a month interval, he landed a very good job with a great pay in one of the biggest companies in Qatar. His level changed.

According to him, their company got a contract in Saudi arabia. They were going by bus. They had a big bus and a small bus that was conveying them from Alsad to abusaama in Saudi. They were going by road. The road leading there is a pure desert road. It is a 4hour journey.
They were about 32 of them comprising of British, europeans, Cameroonians, nepals, Bangladeshians, Ghanaians, Ethiopians, Chinese, Philippines and Nigerian.

They got to a point and their driver a Pakistani made an announcement in arab language. He told them there is a danger on the way. There was some jeeps parked along the way there in the desert.
The driver told them those people are a TERRORISTS group.

There was no way he could turn back as they were close to them. What he did was to press a police button in the car as there was a button by which you could alert the police.

Our brother said the unfortunate thing was that they were in the midst of a desert and before the police would reach there, the terrorists would have done whatever they wanted to do.

When they got to them, the terrorist came out , all masked with their islamic head gears.
The driver told them these ones are ISIS terrorists group and that they are all going to Die here as they will kill everyone.

One of The ISIS terrorists armed with a big gun, came to their bus , asked the driver to open the door and for Everyone to match out. Both the big and small bus, everyone came out.

They were all asked to remove their cloths.
According to him, many of his colleagues began to cry as death was starring them in the Face.
They were all matched in a line inside the desert. At a point the terrorist stopped them and told them in Arabic language to call on Allah and say their last prayers as they all will be killed.

Our brother who understands the arabic language said when he had this, he began to shiver and fear for his life.
He said the terrorist were masked from up to down and carried big guns and cultlasses.

They were lined up . He was the number 18 person on the line. The terrorists gave some distance btw where they lined up and were they will be matched to be killed.

According to our brother, The 1st person on the line was called. He was crying and begging for his life. Right before their eyes, they used a cutlass and cut off his head. Our brother said the head was rolling like a football. They picked the head and kept it in a separate place.

Our brother said when it got the 10th person, he discovered that when they kill, they were taking something out of the body of those they have killed. He said the whole placed was messed up with blood and parts. Some people where had their Back cut, some where shot on the head. They killed with different methods.
Before they kill, they speak a certain word alalaaaaala.

They killed till the 17th person and it came to his turn. One of the terrorists came to take him from the line. Our brother said as he was going, he was already so weak. It was as if he was dead.

According to him as he was been led by one of the terrorists, he remembered something the God's Servant told them at crusade there in Qatar. He said the pastor told them, " If you are face with any danger in your office or anywhere, just say I AM A CHOSEN!"
He said GOD'S servant told them He has a COVENANT with GOD And he has assigned angels to them. And that if they say what he says, his GOD will take over the problem.

According to our brother, the terrorist held him on one hand and held his Gun on the other hand.

As He was been led, he told the terrorist in Arabic language. I AM A CHOSEN, I CANNOT DIE! The terrorist said to him, in Arabic language, what did you say?
He related in Arabic language I AM A CHOSEN! I CANNOT die!

The terrorist asked him to shut up! He kept telling him I am a CHOSEN! I cannot die! The terrorist got angry and gave him a heavy Dirty Slap.
Our brother said he discovered that the slap was like a cloth. He didn't feel anything on his face. The terrorist expecting him stagger or fall was suprised that he didn't. The terrorist asked him to keep on moving. He kept declaring I AM A CHOSEN! I Cannot Die.

They got to a point and the terrorist asked him to stop! He discovered that the Hand the terrorist used to Slap him was Vibrating and Shaking!! Our brother said He dropped the gun he was holding . His hand was Shaking and dropping water.
Suddenly the terrorist began to scream, calling on the other terrorist to come to his aid.
According to our brother, the boss of the terrorist gang who was some distance away noticed what was happening and sent one of the terrorist to go know whats up.

When he got to them, he inquired on what happened.
The terrorist told him that He slapped our brother and his hand began to Shake.
The other terrorists asked our brother in Arabic language what he did to him?
Our brother told him he didn't do anything , he only told him he is a CHOSEN and cannot Die.

Our brother said the terrorist put his hand in his pocket and brought out a thing that looked like a snail with a king of red point. He used it to hit the Hand of the terrorist as in to restore his hand. Mysteriously the thing fell on the ground and the Hand of the other terrorists began to Shake and vibrate like that of his brother.
WHEN their boss noticed what was happening, he sent another of the terrorist to see what was happening.

WHEN he came he inquired from them on what the problem is. The told him that our brother was mentioning something in his mouth and it looks like a fire . They told him not to take our brother to the slaughter point and that our brother is not a human being.

The one who came ignored those two with their hands still shaking and vibrating, pointed a gun at our brother and asked him to move.
Our brother said the mouth of gun he held is like this video camera used at events.

The terrorists refused to touch our brother. He pointed the gun at him to told him to move. The terrorist gave him some distance and asked him to keep moving. Our brother told the terrorist, I AM A CHOSEN! I WILL NOT DIE. The terrorists said to him bara! Bara! Which means just keep going.

Our brother got to the point of death were they killed people. The terrorist boss and other terrorist were standing there with their hands stained with blood.

The boss asked what he did to his boys. He told the boss he only told them HE is a CHOSEN and will not Die.
The terrorist boss in Arabic asked our brother to repeat what he said. Our brother answered I AM A CHOSEN! I WILL NOT Die!
The boss laughed and asked him in Arabic what is CHOSEN?
Our brother told him CHOSEN means JESUS CHRIST and that he is his in CHRIST and therefore cannot die.
The boss put his hand in his Pocket, brought a knife and told our brother that he will test him to see if he has blood. They believe that as long as he has blood, he will die.
He cut our brother on his hand knockles and blood spilled out. He told our brother in arabic, see you have blood and you say you will not die? Our brother told him , this is a wound! I WILL NOT Die.

He commanded our brother to lie down on the floor where they killed people.

Our brother said as for him, he was gone already but he was just saying what GOD'S Servant asked them to say. All his mind was that at least if he dies, he will make Heaven.

Our brother said he laid down on the floor with his face to the ground just wearing a boxer.
He said he didn't know what they were doing as he could not see them. What he was hearing was like the sound of a Huge big drum. That was all he could hear in his ear. He said he heard it about 7 times.
It was when they said in Arabic that he should stand up that he discovered that what was been used on him was their axe but it refused to Penetrate his body.

The terrorist boss asked him to stand up, looked at him in the eye And asked him WHO ARE YOU? He replied I AM A CHOSEN !

The boss remove the masked he was wearing unwrapped his veil and asked our brother 3times Can you see me?

Our brother replied him yes . He asked our brother boldly, tell me, WHO ARE YOU
Our brother told him I AM A CHOSEN! I AM OF CHRIST.
The terrorist boss asked him, who is Christ?
Our brother answered him Christ is the son of GOD who came and die for you and me.

The terrorist asked our brother, is it the CHOSEN that gave you this power in your body that axe and knife cannot enter?
Our brother said, i dont know if there is power in me. What I know is I Am A CHOSEN! I CANNOT DIE now.

The terrorist boss was not convinced. One of the terrorist told the boss in Arabic, we must kill this boy, else he will go and tell others what he has seen here.

Our brother said 3 of the terrorist corked their guns and began firing at him. They shot at him for about 5mins. Our brother said what he saw was like the smoke of cigarette coming out from the gun. His body was not shaking. Nothing happened to him.

The terrorists stopped firing. They asked him in Arabic, what kind of human being are YOU? Are you Mohammed?
Our brother said to them, I am not Mohammed. I am just an ordinary person who carries GOD in him. I am a CHOSEN.

The terrorists were still not convinced that our brother will not die. The terrorist boss got into their jeep, brought out a spear with a red pointed mouth. They asked our brother to lie down.


Re: Face To Face With Death With ISIS TERRORISTS, God Of Chosen Delivers A Chosen. by Gospelpreacher1: 6:07pm On Sep 20
Our brother said this time, fear had left him. He lay down on the floor. The terrorist boss used the spear on him. Our brother said was he heard was a sound like iron. The terrorist asked him to stand up.
They made use of guns, spear, axe, Slap, knife all to no effect. Now they decided use of a mobile bomb. The type they use to kill one or two people.

The terrorists boss asked the others to move away. He told our brother to start moving into the desert. They wanted to throw the bomb at him to blast him to pieces and so wanted him to be a distance away from them.

WHEN our brother got to be distance. The boss threw 2 of the bombs at him.
According to him, one landed right in his front and the other a little distance from where he stood. Our brother said he saw the bomb was blinking a red light. It was timing red but all of sudden he saw the right light turned to green light and the Bomb refused to Blow..

Our brother said he stood with the bomb for about 15mins. The terrorists watching him.
A bomb They were expecting to Blow in like 5mins . They began to mumur against themselves. Our brother said he was just watching them .

This one will say to the other, you go and check the bomb.
The other will say I am not going, you want it to Blow on me?

Finally the terrorists boss signalled our brother to come. He also asked him to bring the bombs. The terrorists were 8 in number.
2 of them were still at the point were their hands were still shaking.
6 of them were together.

WHEN our brother picked the bomb and started coming to them, 4 of the terrorists took to their heels fearing that it will blow on them.
The terrorists boss and his second stood waiting. When our brother got to them, the boss took the bomb, checked it and saw that nothing happened to the bomb.

The Terroists boss now asked our brother to come with him into their Jeep.
While in Jeep, our brother saw that 4 of the terrorists have gone to where the other of his company colleagues were in other to continue the killings.

Our brother said he told the terrorist boss in Arabic, tell your boys to stop the killing!! Do not kill anyone again!
The boss asked him in Arabic, What Do you say? Our brother said tell them to stop the killing.

The boss asked him, is it your business?

Our brother said, the killing is enough. Tell them to stop. The boss said okay.
He got down from the car and told the others to stop and that no one should be killed again.

The boss told our brother, pls you will do something for me. I want you to join Islam, so you will bring this power to us. Our brother said to him, It is not possible. I am a Christian. YOU are the one who will join me so you will know JESUS CHRIST and make heaven at the end of your life.
Our brother told the terrorists boss , it is better for you to repent and come to JESUS so that this GOD that saves me from your weapons will not kill you.

The terrorist boss became afraid and asked our brother, do you want to kill me?
He told our brother, you don't have a gun , knife, bomb or any weapon but you are more dangerous than us with weapons.

At that point the terrorist asked our brother to come down from the jeep.
He now went to meet his boys. They were discussing on how they will leave the place and leave our brother and his colleagues who were alive.

Suddenly our brother said he looked and saw a man well dressed in a black suit coming. He was wondering who it was as he knew nobody in their convoy wore a black suit. Moreover they all were naked and so he was amazed at who it was.
The man on suit walked up to our brother and was talking to him.
Our brother discovered he was the only one seeing the man on suit as the terrorists were all there but were not concerned.

The man black suit said to our brother, When you leave here ensure you travel to Nigeria and share this testimony so that the people of this world will know that THE GOD OF CHOSEN HAS COME!

Our brother said the man of black suit stood by his like a steel. He didn't say anything to him again.

All of a sudden, they heard the sound of police syreene from the High way. It was the army, red police, black police. They were coming with speed to the desert where they were.

The terrorist shot in the air. It was like the military guys heard the sound of their guns and knee that these ones are heavily armed and so they took cover and rearrange themselves and call for back up.

Our brother said he saw that the 2 terrorists whose hand were still shaking picked up their guns which was on the floor with the other hand, went to were their other colleagues were and shot them. The terrorists began to shoot themselves.

They killed 4 of their fellow terrorists before the other two came and grabbed them asking them why they were killing their brothers.

Our brother said he heard them say in Arabic, we warned you people to leave this boy alone. YOU people still carried him there. We all will die here.

Our brother as the terrorist were having their conversation, the police and army came with enough back up. He said the terrorists ran to their jeep in order to run away but their Jeep refused to Start. They did everything to start the vehicle but it refused to Start. Before they knew, the police and army has surrounded ,disarmed and arrested them.

Seeing that casualties and dead bodies were all the place the police called for more back up.
Those of them alive were taken to town by the police.

WHEN they got to Alsaad, the police took our brother to have his bath after which they questioned him.
The police did not believe what he was telling them as nobody encounters those terrorist and come out alive.

3 other persons who were alive stormed into the interrogating room . They told the police chief, this boy is not a Human being. He is the reason why we are alive.
The police asked him were he came from. He told them he is a Nigerian.
They asked him , what do you have in you. how come the ISIS guys kill themselves?
He told the police that he only told them He is a CHOSEN.

The police querried, What is CHOSEN? He told them that CHOSEN is JESUS CHRIST and that he is hid in JESUS Christ and cannot Die just anyhow.
The police chief went his kneels and was praising GOD.

The police chief asked him not to tell anyone in their company what happened there as they don't spread bad things as these around because it would make investors afraid.

Before our brother got to the Company, the news of what happened had spread all over the place.
Our brother said he discovered that his salary was being paid even when he was not working. Everyone in the Company became afraid of him. They kept paying him salary even when he was not working.

According to our brother, He kept having dreams that he should go and give this testimony but he refused.
He travelled down to Nigeria severally but did not obey the voice of God to give this testimony.

Eventually , 3 days before he was deported. He was in the dream and he saw the same man who came on black suit while in the desert.
The man said to him, you are Wicked! Why didn't you go and give the testimony so that the name of GOD will be Glorified!!
The man said to him, you will see what will happen.

3 days after that, our brother was in his house preparing for work. The next thing he saw was 2 immigration officers in his house. They showed him a document that his visas and permit are cancelled and that he is band from coming to Qatar for 7 years.
He tried to ask what the problem is? He was told to just go and after 7years he can apply to come .

This is how our brother found himself back in Muritala airport Nigeria.
He came back to Nigeria in 2018 and still refused to come give the testimony.

Recently he was telling one his brothers his life story.
His brother said to him, you are Stupid! This is happening to you and you are still keeping quiet and stubborn. His brother said to him continue your stubborness until GOD cripples you before you will come to share.

This is what brought him out to come share this Great testimony that the GREAT GOD of CHOSEN did in Qatar.

Tommorrow thursday 21st Septemeber is a great day has the GOD of CHOSEN is out to Show THE OVERALL POWER.
It is one day Encounter with the GOD of CHOSEN.



If you are tired of the sickness, bondage, confusion, depression, poverty, afflictions and problems ravaging your life, then Find your way to




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Re: Face To Face With Death With ISIS TERRORISTS, God Of Chosen Delivers A Chosen. by AntiChristian: 4:52am On Sep 22
His time never reach he for die!
Even when Jesus's time reach for Bible he die!

As for the deportation for unknown reasons kindly send his full name to us and let us find the reason he was deported and banned!

God of chosen and angel of chosen that deported & banned person because of testimony!


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