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Romance / Re: What Are Some Things That Can Make One Gain Weight Fast.. by DelilahMakinde(f): 1:05pm

Celebrities / Nigeria’s Hibiscus Farming Booms As Growers Eye N48bn Earnings by TheMiracleMag: 1:05pm
Praise GOD

Hibiscus farming in Nigeria is fast gaining momentum as price of the flower surged over 70 percent in six months, making farmers eye N48 billion in earnings from export in 2023.

According to the Association of Hibiscus Flower Exporters of Nigeria, the country exported 40 feet of 1,983 containers, totaling 23,796 metric tons.

With the current market price at N1.7 million per ton, Hibiscus farmers in the country can rake in N48 billion (N.7 million multiplied by 23,796) in 2023 to impact their livelihoods.

BusinessDay findings show that farmers are now abandoning growing other crops for hibiscus while existing growers are expanding their production areas as price of the flower has almost doubled year to date.

“Lots of farmers are now abandoning growing other crops to cultivate hibiscus. The prices per ton have almost doubled and this is making farmers grow more of the crop,” Musa Mohammed, a hibiscus farmer in the Andaza area in Jigawa State, said.

The prices of the flower started surging since Mexico removed its export ban of the flower from Nigeria,” Mohammed added.

Mexico imports about 85 percent of Nigeria’s total hibiscus, according to the Association of Hibiscus Flower Exporters of Nigeria (AHFEN). The country had in April 2021 lifted its ban on the export of Nigeria’s Hibiscus flower into Mexico.

Idris Abubakar, a forty-five-year-old farmer in Jigawa State, told BusinessDay that he is unable to meet up with the current demand of the flower from his customers.

He ended up paying other farmers to grow hibiscus for him as the crop is gaining traction in the international market.

“I had to expand my production area and also employ other farmers to grow hibiscus for me by giving them money because I can no longer meet up with my customers’ demand that is increasing daily,” he said

Nigeria’s hibiscus cultivation has surged recently, as hibiscus farmers that were hitherto thrown out of business owing to the ban imposed on Nigeria’s exports of hibiscus to Mexico are now returning and new entrants finding the price attractive are also entering the market.

The price of Hibiscus flower sells between N1.7 million and N2 million as against N800,000 and N1 million.

Hibiscus is a versatile crop used for the popular zobo drink that can also be made for a list of by-products. Hibiscus jellies, jams, fruit pastes, traditional medicines, teas, syrups and refreshing drinks can be found in almost every market stall in West Africa.

The flower grows nearly throughout the year, though its peak production is during the dry season of November to April in the country.

It is mainly grown in Jigawa, Katsina, Bauchi, Kano, Maiduguri, Kebbi, and Sokoto with Jigawa being the largest producing area.

In Mexico, it is used to produce its popular Mexican drink, ‘Agua de Jamaica’ which is made from steeped hibiscus flowers, diluted with water and sweetened with sugar.

“Nigeria is the only country in Africa that is accessible to Mexico at the moment. And though we have lost some years to the ban, we are coming back gradually,” Tunji Lawal, president of AHFEN.

Hibiscus is grown during the normal regular planting season. Hence, once the rain starts, the planting season for the crop starts.

The planting areas are Jigawa, Katsina, Bauchi, Kano, Maiduguri, Kebbi, and Sokoto with Jigawa being the largest producing area. Once harvests commence in October, the crop remains available (in storage) till August to September.


Politics / Re: So Why Igbo Leaders Not Speak Against Ipob Terrorist? by gidgiddy: 1:05pm
We are witnessing how ipob terrorist are killing Nigerian army and police but we never see a single igbo leader speak against this evildoers.

But if Nigerian army react to this killing hope they will not come out and say Tinubu is killing them.

Thats because nobody had shown them any evidence, beyond mouth, that IPOB is involved in violence
Politics / Re: How To Change Your NIN Date Of Birth Or Name(modification) by paulndrnim: 1:05pm
NIN Correction and Modification of wrong Date of Birth ( DoB ) , lpe error, Passport, Change of phone number, Signature , details not validate and Change of Names .

Call or WhatsApp Dr Paul Nimc 0ficial on - O 9 O 6 5 4 1 O 3 5 7 , for Assistance on wrong Date of birth DOB , change of Names and other NIN issues for modifications .
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by amajato: 1:05pm
Binance now has a dca bot that can buy and sell automatically for you on spot.

Let's say you want to dca buy btc every 5% drop starting from $30k support and automatically sell at 1% or more profit using a trailing sell order, it will cost you $240 to dca into a 100% dip using the settings below.

Rinse and repeat.
boss can you explain how this works?
Politics / Re: Non-Indigene Resident Form And Tax In Oba, Anambra Cause Stir Online by Buliwyf: 1:05pm
You can not detect how people should leave in their home, you can't detect for anybody if their conditions are not favourable to you look for another place.

You write like an illiterate. You think like an illiterate. You can't even spell well so I don't expect an uneducated person like you to understand logic. I am just wasting time with someone like you.

I repeat again, I hope once the same rule is applied to Igbos living outside Igboland, you will also support it and when the Igbos complain you will tell them in your bad English that they also can't "detect" to other people and should leave the place. I hope you will agree.
Technology Market / Re: All Offerup, Letgo, Craigslist, 5miles, Ebay, Amazon Deals.*READ FIRST PAGE* by niyeeyenn(m): 1:05pm
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Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by Deripper: 1:05pm
Guy throway that spit commot 4 ur mouth. No injews wey no dey gey stress

As u dey waka freely so u no know wetin God do 4 u,same people u won join nai go worse u pass.

U go begin call small pikin wey no reach ur lastborn for house bros because him senior u for game.

Person wey u go mend one on one as u just dey go come pack ur things and nothing u go fit do and u go still chop matching ontop.

Forget as dem dey paint buca here,my real guy around 2010 run am and he no graduate till today,he join one of the people I type up there. During exam this guy too small to spend 20mins inside hall.

Him school fees na dues him use am pay for second year, then u fit go school for 3 years without paying fees but will later pay all after graduation unlike now wey be online things. So as he derail that second year he no fit meet up again.

Final exam guy no fit spend 20minutes write exam, na him name he just write submit, meanwhile people don dey pack him things 4 house for taxi him charter straight to Benin. He load even first am reach Benin.

Till tomorrow that guy no near auchi again. Na my very best friend and I know wetin buccaneers use him eyes see. Abi na the maphite guy own I won talk, or ayes or jurist or eiye guy wey no dey gree enter class,na window he dey perch put and na him dey first lecture finish.

No cult wey no dey gey issues,just forget that thing guy
thank you for ur word of advice, i appreciate.

Moral lesson: no cult is a saint, cult na cult nd all cultists are liable to die young. For it's cap 2 sera sera anything can happen
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Signs On A Woman's Chest During Campaign Visit In Iowa (Pics) by FireUpNow(m): 1:05pm

Is peter obi's wife a pr0stitute?
Are prostitutes not women?
Education / Re: Bandits Kidnap 24 Students Of Federal University Of Gusau From Hostel by EmmyMaestro(m): 1:05pm
Honestly... This is not news!

Sincerely, it is now a norm among Northerners and most Nigerians. Banditry has now become an accepted way of life.

Only a fool will feel sorry or bad for these people... Pity is wasted on them.

I wish you all good luck as you have turned parts of the nation Into the Badlands. cool

Reference to the bolded they are now playing police and thief in the area and the thieves are mostly winning.
Technology Market / Re: Original Apple Airpods And Airpod Replacement Parts by niyeeyenn(m): 1:04pm
Religion / Re: Why Don’t Jw Fathers Sit For Their Daughter Who Gets Married To Non Witness? by achorladey: 1:04pm

Can you proof all what I wrote above wrong?

cool cool cool

You see the madman peddler typing huh. They runaway when caught in their lies.

This one that even lied and was trying to manipulate himself about his membership. Saying I am yet to be a bona fide Jehovah’s witnesses only to change mouth again that he is one of them. grin grin grin grin
Phones / Re: Have You Ever Seen Your Phone In Dreams? by RushManni: 1:04pm
I dreamt about my phones often.

U don't mean it. That must be a good gift
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by Iamblessed85: 1:04pm
From full bid to full offer.. This life eehn grin OANDO !!!

I understand what full bid means but what does full offer mean?
Romance / Re: See These CURVY LADIES Whose Video Clips Are Breaking The Internet!!! by PraiseHim4ever: 1:04pm
Rubbish dirty pocohantoid yesterday newspapers!
I can never allow these type to breastfeed me.

Are u still feeding on boobs at ur age?
Properties / Re: When You Think Of The Value Of A Beach Front Home,think Of GOSHEN +2349030188831 by Topfolhomes: 1:04pm
Politics / Re: So Why Igbo Leaders Not Speak Against Ipob Terrorist? by Dubetex96(m): 1:04pm

It is the Airforce that will respond

Let us hope the leaders will continue to be quiet so the Airforce can finish it's Mop up Operations

U lost your voice when the Nigeria army were busy dancing python dance with IpoB. so keep quiet
Romance / Re: Meet Young Nigerian Lady Impregnated & Abandoned By A Chinese Expatriate (video) by Chasito(m): 1:04pm
Foolish woman, wey shamelessly open leg anyhow, because you see oyibo,( Chinese no be oyibo by the way) grin
Properties / Re: Original Apple Airpods And Airpods Replacement Parts by niyeeyenn(m): 1:04pm
Crime / Re: ISWAP Slaughters Member For Diverting Funds For Food To Personal Use In Borno by lexy2014: 1:04pm

Even terrorists know how to control
corruption in their society...👍

If na APC government, they will give the
embezzler an option of returning part
of the money and keep the rest for himself
in the so-called plea-bargain.😡😡😡😡

APC doesnt do that pls. APC rewards people for corruption. ask sylva, akpabio and ganduje
Romance / Re: Meet Young Nigerian Lady Impregnated & Abandoned By A Chinese Expatriate (video) by Miracle2020: 1:04pm
When she was opening her legs, did she tell us? Now that she started getting the repercussions for her actions you started disturbing us . Abeg let me rest joo.
Pets / Re: Tinubu In US: See Pictures Of Dogs Ringing Closing Bell At NASDAQ by Assalamualaikum: 1:04pm
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Properties / Re: Secure Your Home With Payment Mortgage Plan For Up To 5-10years+2349030188831 by Topfolhomes: 1:04pm
Politics / Re: FG May Pay N1.68tn Fuel Subsidy, Marketers Forecast N900/litre by RepoMan007: 1:04pm

I have read your article, nothing new there... just the usual rethorics; Corruption in the sector, Fuel smuggling to neighboring countries, subsidy being too costly for govt etc.
I have argue with you on this topic here on NL. It seems you're working for some people.

1. What stops govt from tackling the corruption going on in the sector? I thought they are the ones in charge? Egypt, Angola, Algeria, Libya subsidizes oil in their countries with no noise of corruption in their oil sectors. Why is our subsidy different?

2. During Trump's administration, he collaborated with Mexico to send 26 thousands Mexican troops to the border to checkmate illegal immigration. You can't tell me that govt in Nigeria can't drastically minimize oil smuggling.

3. About subsidy being too costly for govt., Then govt should divisify to earn more FX. Egypt, Angola, Algeria and Libya still sell cheap fuel in Africa. In fact Egypt with 112m population produces lesser oil than we do, they rarely export. They even import crude oil to compliment their local consumption yet pays billions of dollars to Petro subsidy this year. Subsidized Fuel is sold at about N301 in Egypt as of today.

Here are reasons why I think subsidy or partial susidy should be a right in Nigeria.


Subsidized oil should be a fundamental RIGHT in Nigeria because "petro and diesel" are tied to electricity generation in Nigeria. Millions of businesses in Nigeria rely largely on it for power generation and survival. A country that has stable electricity can't remove subsidy and Nigeria with poor power supply will follow suit.
You stated in your previous post that Ghana sells fuel at over N1000 per liter. Ghana citizens doesn't need fuel for something as crucial as power generation due to their govt provision of stable power supply.

Govt over the years has failed to fix our refineries making us to rely heavily on imported fuel purchased with scarce Fx. Your 2022 article stated that the landing cost of fuel as of then was N396 now the news on this post is talking of N900 due to the exchange rate. What it means is that in the absence of subsidy, fuel can even be sold for 5k or more per liter in the nearer future as Naira continue to fall.

Is it not idi.otic for politicians in Nigeria to says that corruption in oil subsidy is the main reason they want to end subsidy and the mu.mu masses in Nigeria accepted it. Why not tackle the corruption there first?

All over the world, govts subsidize essential products and basic commodities for it's citizens.
The fellow you having a convo with is too partisan to reason straight. It takes severe daftness to peddle the lie about refineries not making profit if petrol remains subsidized.
The govt buys from refiners outside Nigeria as it stands. The only difference with where we are headed is that they start buying from local refiners. That doesn't stop local refiners from selling at prevailing market rates to govt or at slightly cheaper rates because transport cost and import duty widens their profit margin further. They can even sell internationally but the fraud you talking to has made the habit of peddling that daft and dangerous lie on this forum over his last half dozen monikers.

Someone who doest know the role of CBN in economic growth or how money system works. He is just another western brainwashed element.

Talking about the smuggling, It is a form of corruption and can be dealt with. If dealt with, instead of trying to smuggle fuel outside, outsiders will prefer to relocate to Nigeria for cheaper production and start producing thereby creating employment, wealth and forex earning locally.
Literature / Do You Need A Ghostwriter??? Click Here! by Joychigo1(f): 1:04pm
If you need a ghost writer for werewolf romance, billionaire romance and mafia romance genre, you can dm me to know more, for Nigeria we charge 1.5npw but for foreigners $0.1 per 20words, dm to get started, we accept upfront payment before we deliver, please note this ✅ if you are not ready for business, don't bother to come to my dm.
Whatsapp: +2349028120818
Email: joychigo1@gmail.com
Education / Re: Can Success Be Taught? by RushManni: 1:04pm

The poorer the background ,the greater the confusion to overcome.

What business are u into?

I'm an IT support staff; also run an online ecom site..... and you ?
Properties / Re: Experience Ultimate Arizon Lifestyle In This Prestigious Estate +2349030188831 by Topfolhomes: 1:04pm
Politics / Re: Our Ancestors Built This Wall 600 Years Ago. Today We Would Pay CHINA To Do It. by XY23: 1:04pm


The British did a number on us 😠.

Was it written in the alphabets we are familiar with today?

Lol. No sir. What we have today can be likened to the watered-down version of a written language. SMH! The language of old literally sounded like coded messages. The inscriptions were unique, I saw an old writing somewhere in the Palace some years back. There was something mystical about it . They have rewritten our history, and the whole of the black race see themselves as inferior people.
Romance / Re: Meet Young Nigerian Lady Impregnated & Abandoned By A Chinese Expatriate (video) by Way4orward: 1:03pm
Same thing Nigerians men do over there.

Make our girls calm down dem no go hear...

Na sweet mouth cause dis one.
Politics / Re: FACT CHECK:President Tinubu Is Not The 1st African President To Ring NASDAQ Bell by Hakeem66: 1:03pm
So ringing bell is now an achievement, who do us these things?
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