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Antics Of A Killer Squad by absoluteSuccess: 4:34pm On Mar 05
For a while I've been silent. Nevertheless, the murderer is still stalking me around the place.i really thank God for safety from Timothy Ogundele, Ayo Aremu their cohorts on here and out there forming an underground killer squad. I take a bow for their ingenuity.

I've talked about my friends at iyana-Ipaja where I often have a stop over on my itinerary. Earlier, it used to beat me how this guys are often able to call me right at the moment I'm at the under bridge iyana-Ipaja in the morning demanding for my present somewhere.

Already, I know they are watching. It's a great job they're doing. When I made a post about "Yahweh In West Africa", I put a YouTube link to it. Not quite long, that brother I usually hang around his place at iyana-Ipaja told me he knows someone who wants to teach him how to remove the background on YouTube videos and will be willing to teach him.

I was like, this is a message. He runs a business center, one of the oldest business Centers in iyana-Ipaja.

Fast forward to January 6 thereabouts, we met at the newsstand, and the same person was telling me, "where do you normally keep your phone? I have been trying to get to you, someone is asking for your service on online book publishing, he's my old time customer."

I said no qualms, I will check up on him in the course of the week. When I got to meet him by mid-month Wednesday of January this year, my friend called the fellow who asked for my service. But he said he would only see me on Saturday. He said he's a lecturer and might be at school.

So, we agreed to meet on Saturday. I was there waiting and the man came with a young lady who had an Android phone with her. What about that? On it is the work recently punished by my client to be. We greeted and continue into our discussion.

He's a writer who want to transit to the internet. But he already had a book on Amazon and the girl who came with him helped him uploaded the book on Amazon. So I'm to help him on "Instagram" he said.

I spoke about an internet know-how that encompass all that a writer need instead and claim it will cost about N40k to learn. Now sometimes into our discussion, out of curiosity, I asked him how recent was his work?

It was uploaded around January 6 under a pseudonym. Was that the first book? Yes, but not the first from the girl who helped upload the work. My last question was about the man's alma mater and he smiled, "why do you ask?" He said. "Just out of curiosity" University of Ilorin.

WOW, I was not surprised. Now if I can guess, here is a man who sew some "jobs" together, he asked from the "students" if there's anyone who publishes on Amazon, getting one, he asked her to come along, just my suspicion.

Now the actual bait is for me to jump on the "naivity" of the man and get familiar with him. That attachment is useful to stalkers. Because these people saw me with a computer around December, and adding stuffs together, I should be heading to Amazon as a writer.

An offer in that direction will make me "react" for them to form a conclusion. I didn't react anything. I have the feeling of what might be going on, hence I requested to meet the man. That scenario is a repeat of my subscription of the YouTube gimmick and in extension, validation of my suspicion for a "Baba Eko" calling me late last year.

So, the game now is to route the ruse through my close associates through their close associates. Funny enough, my close associate who orchestrated the meeting have always known this man, I asked where is he living? He said Aboru - the same place as Baba Eko.

Mr. Taiwo have a brother living in Aboru, Pastor C.A.C. had a brother in Aboru. The man I met is in their age bracket. Could it be that man that I've just met? Detective will tell. You people have your details connected to your phone and your bvn in extension.

Since January, I'm yet to hear from my prospective student. He's yet to get an Android phone as promised. Now that validate an important point: how could a lecturer who writes not have an Android phone? But a small symbian phone but talks about Instagram?

How could a lecturer teaching English depend on a girl to publish Online and the service required of me failed to go to the deserving girl? That's "calculated deception". I'm supposed to fill in the gap and pick the bait, reeling out to validate my expertise to a "lecturer".

Why is this an "opportunity" that has come my way from the blues and the last time I've heard of the same? That's "one chance". The murderers are spreading my details in their meetings for people living around my area to keep an eye on me like their marked man.

The God of creation have a curse upon all of you, and you will never go without paying for your crimes. You have been doing it to others, hence you strayed to the wrong target. All you accursed lot. Keep trailing me around with your men everywhere I go, but be sure you have failed.

Thanks for sending your affiliates to keep me in business through their incessant calls and fake demands every time I made a post here.
Re: Antics Of A Killer Squad by absoluteSuccess: 12:08pm On Mar 18
Sometimes last year, I receive a call from a man who claimed to be calling from Ondo state and he identified himself simply as Alfa, he said he needed my product and we discussed at length. Along the line, he promised to buy 4k worth of the product. I promised to send it to him at Ondo. Then he said there is one of his people I normally supply around Agbado crossing. He didn’t call back the third day as promised.

It made me ponder on the identity of such a customer for quite a while because I’m suspicious of this caller; it was the time I was completely under this evil lot’s siege. Finally, it dawned on me much later that the man I was supplying at Agbado crossing was no other than the “CAC Pastor”, who has been using the product and later claimed his sister at Benin finds some great relieve using the product too.

He came with the niece to buy from me at iyana ipaja few years ago on my way out one fateful morning. Meanwhile, he’s been to my shop and I’ve been meeting him at different places and at the last time, his house. This time around last year, he has demanded for products worth 2k, but I couldn’t make it at the appointed time because it’s my brother’s birthday.

I was with my brother when I made the post on the thread last year march 7 or so, where I asked God to increase my faith. Unknown to me, I’ve been very close to the harm that I’ve been running away from, but God has been shielding me and I couldn’t see how.

But by that prayer, I just asked for confirmation without knowing. I was wary of these people following me around and sheer terror of their intent collapsed my business totally and there is no money to fend for my family. I resorted to begging on this platform: fyi shishi I no get, not even sympathy, albeit reprimands are not short in supply. But here I am, because the accursed failed. All they did failed here and elsewhere.

I was to rush to the man’s place after seeing my brother, but it’s been a whole year that we’ve seen and chatted together, so I relaxed and postponed the earlier appointment for the day. My brother is a preacher given to prayers. “There’s something unique that those guys want to destroy, kids don’t throw stone to a fruitless tree” he said.

I was napping on the couch around evening, and then the call from this old man woke me. He has called like 5 times. I felt bad I couldn’t meet up and promised to get to him first thing the next day. Then he dropped the word that blew his cover, “YouTube”, which is still lingering subconsciously in my mind.

The girl that they sent to deliver the “survival fund” to me said something “YouTube” just Friday before that particular Monday we were discussing. Now, this man lives on the way to Agbado crossing from Ijaiye Ojokoro. He has no tenant in his house. It’s a gated bungalow with an uncompleted part to it. This is what I was referring to when I said “signaenuke, I’ve just nuked your signal”.

That’s when I found out this old man was a spy and a pointer luring me to death with “team-patronage” to cover the ruse. He has a “niece” who’s the man’s “accomplice”. This two forms a cell in the game cluster. After I told him I will be coming next day, he said okay and in the fading he said if I have any church that want to upload their service or program to youtube, I should let him know.

The reference to youtube is to “shield” the survival fund girl and make the word youtube commonplace that I will start to doubt my holding to it as evidence to anything incriminating, thereby, dulling my intellect and consistency. On Tuesday that I supposed to meet him, I did not. All through the time he was calling me, I didn’t pick the call, the niece called the third day and told me her mum has been in Lagos and the uncle has been calling and I didn’t pick the call, what happened?

I said well I’m very sorry; I’ve been a little busy. Now why didn’t the mother herself call in-between as the uncle was making frantic efforts to reach me? Because there was no one to play the “mother”, all na wash.

So, this Alfa from Ondo promised to get back to me early last year, two days after he made request to buy my product. However, that was the last time I heard from him. But just as should be expected, I’ve made a post on Sunday; they have to respond that they have seen my post by coming to my street and keep watch for my family’s movement. I care less, keep watching, you are doing your day’s job.

The long arm of the law will ultimately get you. I’m not just talking, I have open a chapter on your life of crime with the command headquarters, and your name has been mentioned here in a public forum, I’ve equally reached to you and one of your accomplices on phone and I have evidence of whatsApp interactions interaction that led to getting your profile as friend suggestion on Facebook, but evil has made you too big to see all this and the consequences it has.
Re: Antics Of A Killer Squad by absoluteSuccess: 12:29pm On Mar 18
The return of the Ondo man

After the Sunday post, I know macof must reply somehow, but not on nairaland though. Instead, the man that has called me to place order more than a year ago came back again asking to know if the product is available. Hello o, did the sickness come back? If it never killed you since last year when you didn’t use it, why do you suddenly need it all over again? I got you. You want to buy my product so I can be on the street so you can keep your trail? Alright, no problem, thanks.

Now back to the “CAC Pastor”, it helped me discover the old trick these guys normally pull. I didn’t just created the last thread until I saw a very clear pattern, and the same still persists. They will plant a mole in my contact to warm his way pretending to be customer. Once done, they will use that to verify my position per time and demand for product to lure me out and get their members on my route to buy.

By that process, I should have sold to 3 of their men out of 5 sales of the day. How would I know who is who? Next, those ones will be on my neck to buy. That’s the fake demand and supply going on. Now when I said I’m being stalked, you will say, don’t those people have any work doing? That stalking is their work. Remember “jungle don mature”. The more its norm in my business, the easier to get lured by trusted customer to a conducive abattoir of no return.

There was a time in 2021 that this whole thing was gathering momentum, a man that identified himself as Tokunbo Osundare from Eric Moore has called me to request for treatment for diabetes for his uncle, and when I don’t treat diabetes, I asked him to visit the herbal shop near him, in response he said I have become his consultant by so doing. I wonder how. I promise to give him feedback later in the day.

So I think of a friend of mine that normally claim he could treat almost any sickness, though pricey. When I talked with him to see if he can be of help to this smooth client, he said yes and I asked, where will you want him to meet you? He said at home. That’s a no no to me. What if this guy is a criminal or a spy? So, I sent a text message to the brother “never attend to any client in your living room as you can’t bring your reception to your parlor, you don't know who is who”.

1. Going through my message lately, I discovered that I sent my bank account detail to the same “CAC Pastor” at the same time after sending the last message to my friend.

So, the Eric Moore man was actually expecting me to prescribe my product because my label reads that my product is "active against the early offshoot of diabetes". But I’m not daft, Eric Moore is where Ayo Aremu has on his business card and a "Tokunbo" from Eric Moore should be able to afford the right treatment for an uncle than some random product you don’t know where it’s coming from, and making me a "consultant" is confirming my suspicion. dont make me what I'm not.

So, the same day I was talking to this man, the "CAC Pastor" called to check on me and also admonished me for not checking on my customers and asked to know if it’s all because of the little money he’s owing me, to which I said no. Then he asked if the product is available as he would need couple of it and that I should send my account number. I think it was after this time that I went to his place.

Here, He’s helping the Eric Moore Tokunbo to spy through a background check. If I’ve been defensive against Tokunbo, they will know and raise another syndicate. The psychopath leader of the nairaland wing of the killer squad was boasting of knowing where I am thank to the information I release to Ayo Aremu while trying to sell myself, as if I’m the desperate fellow looking about for opportunity from the bunch of killers and not them using one of their many ploys to exploit me.

2. When Ayo Aremu called during the lockdown, he asked casually where I live and I said Egbeda. He promised to visit me when he drives by someday. I might have thought it ends there and that someday will never come. But the next day, Taiwo Agbaminoja visited to buy my product on Sunday evening (and possibly another companion stalker i won't know of) is tracing me to my home right about then.

And yes they don’t fear the law, when I created the other thread, that Timothy Ogundele is after my life, they send Agbaminoja again (when I won’t answer any of their new recruits), after all we’re already acquainted. Now let's backtrack: the day I made a post about contacting these people on whatsapp, a man named "Femi" is meeting me for the first time through the phone and we have never met before, at Oshodi, he claimed to be an Evangelist coming from the mountain or something like that.

So, it’s the same discreet pattern. They have been trying all the tricks in the book, but God is good, one would have been a goner with these psychopaths running underground facilities where people are hacked to their death in their prime. Bunch of criminals working hard on a premeditated crime that the whole world is reading as it unfolds against a family.

Blood-sucking demons, pretending to be who they are not-just to capture one soul for their paymaster, you can check his profile here on nairaland, they are all there under anonymous monikers acting without the fear of God or any law. God has been responding as you kept pushing. Sooner or later, you will all be rounded up to pay for your years as criminals and fugitives shielding yourself with what you are not.

Macof, what did you do to the Facebook Yoruba-Hebrew proponent from MFM?

Omo Ogun nimi, ng kii s’eran Ogun.
Ise aburu yin ti da leeyin lori.
Omo Ose ‘o see ro’fo ni mi:
Ng kii se eni ti e le pa je.
E ti sise.
Re: Antics Of A Killer Squad by absoluteSuccess: 1:57pm On May 07
The wicked continue to look for much cunning ways to hack their evil plots and get away with it.

But God uses the same trick they pull as a training on how to avoid the antics of green snakes under green grass pretending to be fruit.

As you plot and plot, you expend your agents and your contacts and agendas can no longer be secret. As such, you are putting the noose tightly around your neck.

You and your men and your families together can never escape from the rewards for your plots, how many innocent souls have you people hacked to death?

It might look like I'm just making allegations, these guys are real Killers, the enemy has come to kill, to steal and to destroy.

Whoever engaged people to continue tracking and monitoring their movements, buying the product of their target through proxies, pretending to be diehard customers, and praising the commodity they can prepare by themselves to high heavens as if it brought back their only son to life after buying it couple of years ago and wanting it now so badly, all out of the blues, have an ulterior motive.

If I'm moved by greed and dishonest gain, I would have fell into their pit. But since my business is built on honest ground, your plots will never work against me, and the fact that I have modest expectations and trust in God, children of the accursed will fail and fall before me. God will continually protect me and continually expose all the evil plots of the wicked.

Ayo Aremu told me he got sales people on social media, therefore, they have means to recruit vulnerable people as baits for their evil plots. But ignorance is no excuse before the law, you are an accomplices and you will serve your terms for the crime. Be sure of what you are doing and be ready to bear the consequences.

If I can uncover your ruse and get your names when you boasted you're invisible, your crimes is already tracing back to you. Keep enjoying the thrill, you will never go unpunished for your crimes, you are accursed and the blood of the innocent is upon you and your affiliates who pretends to be friends to your victims for apparent reason.

I am not going to be your victim, not any members of my family will be. I am your nemesis. It's nemesis at work on your case.

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