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Food / Re: Clandestine Truth About the Efficacy of the things Ginger Does In The Human Body by Greenlyf: 5:05pm
Health is wealth
Properties / Re: Drone Footage Of Massive Structures To Be Demolished In Lagos by johnjose68: 5:05pm
Lagos state will surely regret this...

Makoko that needs urgent regeneration is completely neglected for this cosmetic approach at development.

They should ask Warri undecided

Ok, we will ask warri later...but for now let's finish the job at hand.

But wait, why does it concern you
Properties / Re: Drone Footage Of Massive Structures To Be Demolished In Lagos by Mrtaye: 5:05pm

Show us the proof of the bolded allegation.

Even in sane climes, you would be asking questions about who approved the building plan.
But Lasbca visits every building sites to put their red tapes and mark the buildings while still under construction....so no Lasbca presence
Politics / Re: Senators, Reps Consider Tinubu’s ₦‎27.5 Trillion Budget Without Details by Bluntemperor: 5:05pm
God help us in this country oh 🙏

A good Budget must consider the:
a.Revenues Viz
b.the Expenditures - which should further be involved:
1.Capital Expenditures - is New Investments,New Employments - in which Various Sectors of the Economy e g .Construction Sector,etc,that can generate thousands of Employments for the Nigerian Youths and should be aggressively pursue.
2 . Recurrent Expenditures,ie.Servicing of the Assets,Debts Repayments,Loans,Salaries,allowances,etc- this should be Smaller ,as you can not have Recurrent ( recurring) more Expenditures than Capital Expenditures ( if allowed,to what Percentage%- then the Nation will have nothing to Invest Upon!
•We hope that is What Our Legislatures ( Senators and House of Reps) have agreed upon for a New -Nigeria!
• the Accountants,Bankers,Financial Experts- look at these Core Ingredients in any Balance Sheets - to Confirm the authentic Budgets,expecially presented by Individuals or Corporate-Organisations- to borrow money - Not just approved for approving sake!
•The Budgets supposed to be a Yardsticks/ Documents of Operations from the Executives of government -Operations System and Amendments can be made,where there are errors or Adjustments but the Constituents remaining same - to guide the Executives( Federal and States) in the Spending Of Resources-( Incomes- Naira, Dollars) and the Expenses/ Expenditures For A Year!
Health / Re: You Will Expose Yourself To Erectile Dysfunction If You Still Do This As A Man by Greenlyf: 5:04pm
Health is wealth
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk-life Of An Immigrant (part 3) by kwakudtraveller(m): 5:04pm

The laws eh shocked ust the same way Scottish Government woke up one sweet morning and decided to put a 6 months ban on any rent increase for existing tenant. Meanwhile, no be them buy house for landlords or pay their mortgage, etc.

Like that wasn't "bad" enough, after 6 months, they put a cap of 3%. If a landlord wants 6% , they must apply to the rent tribunal. Meanwhile tenant must be given at least 3 months notice for any rent increase and you can only increase the rent once in 12 months.

Landlord and agents are not allowed to collect letting fee. These are some of the stringent conditions landlords must follow.

Now if a government can put all these in place to protect tenants, now imagine the fate of a landlord that decides to go and remove the door to a property where someone resides. Is that not criminal case for the landlord on a platter of gold ? grin
Bro I can’t even begin to imagine. The laws truly favour the tenants, that’s why I’m shocked by what that poster is saying. He must be trolling.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Why Make Dua When All Matters Are Decreed? by ALFADOS(m): 5:04pm
Why make Dua when all matters are decreed?

Many of us hold the view that why make Dua to Allah, when He has already preordained all matters?

Withholding Dua with this idea (or any other) in mind is a serious mistake and we would be missing on the blessings of Allah.

It was narrated from Ibn ‘Umar (RA) that the Prophet (SAW) said:

“Dua may be of benefit with regard to what has already happened or what has not yet happened, so adhere to Dua, O slaves of Allah.”

[Narrated by Al-Tirmidhi, 3548 and classed as hasan by Al-Albaani in Saheeh Al-Jaami’, 3409]

In a hadith it says:“The decree cannot be overturned except by dua.”

[Fataawa Noor ‘ala al-Darb by Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him)]

Shaykh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said in Majmoo’ Al-Fataawa [8/69]:

If a person says that he does not say Dua or ask of Allah, because he relies on the divine decree, he is also erring, because Allah has made dua and asking means of attaining His forgiveness, mercy, guidance, support and provision.

If good is decreed for a person he will attain by means of dua what he cannot attain without dua.

What Allah has decreed and knows with regard to His slaves’ circumstances and destinies is only decreed on the basis of means, and decrees will be fulfilled at the appointed times.

There is everything that happens in this world or in the Hereafter happens on the basis of cause and effect; Allah is the Creator of both cause and effect.

Disregarding the principle of cause and effect is contrary to reason.

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen said in Al-Majmoo’ Al-Thameen min Fataawa Fadeelat Al-Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih Al-‘Uthaymeen [1/157]:

Dua is one of the means by which what is asked for is attained. In fact it wards off the divine decree and nothing wards off the divine decree except Dua, and that may happen in two ways.

For example, a sick person may pray to Allah for healing and be healed, and were it not for the Dua he would have remained sick, but he was healed by means of the Dua.

But we say: Allah decreed that the sick person would be healed from this sickness by means of Dua, and this is what was decreed.

He thinks that were it not for the Dua he would have remained sick, but in fact he did not ward off the divine decree, because the basic principle is that Dua was decreed and that the healing would come by means of this Dua, and this is the original decree that was decreed from eternity.

The same applies to everything that is decreed to happen through some means or cause. Allah has made this means the cause for the thing to happen, and that was decreed from eternity, before it happened.

Source: Power of Dua by Iqra Sense
Masha Allah jzkhr
Agriculture / Re: More Reasons Why You Should Always Eat Ginger (pictured) by Greenlyf: 5:04pm
Health is wealth
Politics / Re: Every Opposition To APC In Lagos Is Called Chinedu by Prigidypogodo: 5:04pm

Asthma drug done dey disturb this one
e pain am ooo
Technology Market / Re: Gadgets from Anker, Amazon, JLab, Xiaomi, Haylou, Soundpeats etc. by anonymousey: 5:04pm

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Shoulder bags of different designs 18-25k
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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia-Ukraine War: World News, Weapons & Battlefield Discussions - Live by WrriterNig: 5:03pm
⚡The European Parliament and EU member states backed new rules to make digital products connected to the internet like fridges, laptops, TVs and toys safer from cyber threats.

Politics / Re: President Tinubu Meets King Charles III To Discuss Climate Change by optionalY09: 5:03pm

Why have you not said thesame thing with Ngozi meeting Charles? You people are demented f00ls

All birds of the same feather selling the rest of us to slavery. Fvck! the system that puts black people at the bottom of all. We are the head! fvck them all!
Politics / Re: Okada Riders Protest As Lagos Task Force Seizes Motorcycles by lexylaw40: 5:03pm
Hmm... Ogun State and oyo state will take them. Its better they leave. A word is enough for the wise. Its not by force to remain on lagos.
Education / Re: Which Job Should I Pick? by Navallo: 5:03pm
Take up Job 2, regardless of the increment. From there, you can move on to bigger and better offers, provided you're the hardworking and networking savvy type.

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Politics / Re: Okada Riders Protest As Lagos Task Force Seizes Motorcycles by iammo(m): 5:03pm

I really miss Fashola...

This Sanwo-Olu guy, everyone just dey follow am drag authority


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Celebrities / Re: Photos Celine Dion Makes A Big Comeback After Battling With Stiff-person Syndrom by IVORY2009(m): 5:03pm
She sold her soul for wealth and fame, I am happy for her bouncing back.
Business / Re: Equinor Exits Nigeria After 30 Years, Sells Its Assets To Chappal Energies by Nightwolf1: 5:03pm

Shut up you slowpoke.

Troglodyte feeling funky.

Effortlessly playing around words in futility.
What a wacko holding a smart phone. Demented sucker!
Celebrities / Re: Portable Excited As He Witnesses Snow For The First Time In His Life In The U.K by SirLakes: 5:03pm
This guy na real kpako oh.

I never see snow before, but it can't get me excited.
Na cruise e dey catch nah oga ade grin
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by robobo: 5:03pm

My Common Sense entry point :
Buy if price of stock is well below 80% of 4xEPS FY estimates to guarantee at least above 20% gain in the investment . The 4x EPS FY will become your target price and the range if still strong could be 4xEPS-5x EPS. provided the company has good Dividend payment history within the sector. If the Dividend payment is very poor, aim at 75% 0f 4xEPS as target price meaning you would have to enter even lower ( that’s at least below 80% of this target). Review targets as new EPS come in. Use only EPS that’s organic ( I.e based on pure corporate sweat).


Consider these hypothetical examples below:

1. A company released Q2 half year results at say N5.5 but is currently sell at N18.00 . Dividend payment is adjudged good. My target would be N44 and range N44-N55. I would buy.
2. A company with a full year results EPS of N1.05 currently selling at N1.00 should rally quickly to N4.00 if with good or improving fundamentals . I would buy and target exit at N4.00 except new EPS suggest otherwise.

3. A company with current price at N60.00 but EPS of N2.00 is not a buy for me as 4x EPS is only N8.00 . It remained however good for those who bought it earlier at less than N8.00 .

REMEMBER all strategies were derived at a point in time. This works for me and keeps my losses to a minimum.

Hello Chief

what would you term a good dividend payment history?
is it only in term of amount? or it is in terms of % of EPS or in terms of comparision to peers in same industry? or in term of years of unbroken payments? or in term of growth to the dividend being paid?

would appreciate if you share
Politics / Re: Tweet Photos: Igbo Celebrate Ofala Festival In Anambra, Check Tweets Replies by LegendHero(m): 5:03pm
Keep showing the joblessness of Yoruba. A time will come you will look at your past and realise you wasted much of your lifetime on nairaland. Ofala in Anambra are often celebrated December period, so I don't know maybe Yoruba obsession with Igbos would make a Yoruba man see Igbo women that came for whatever occasion and tag it ofala. An unknown Anambra ofala without tagging the town.

Don’t cry yet.

Obidient are known to be the worst of trolls online and like you said, they are very jobless.

Ofala festival happened in October 2023. You don’t even know what you are saying too.

Properties / Re: Drone Footage Of Massive Structures To Be Demolished In Lagos by mentored: 5:03pm


The video above was shared by the Lagos State Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, to showing the level of encroachment of waterways and canals by real Estate developers in Lagos.

He wrote on social media,

"A drone footage of the encroachment of the drainage channel on System 156 (fully built) Igbo-Efon to Ikota channel in Lekki. Red arrow indicator showing the extent of encroachment and total blockade and diversion of system 156 Into system 157 by the developers and property owners. All the structures were fully built on the setbacks and alignment which is clearly an alteration of the Drainage Master Plan along the area.

"We have served several contravention notices and enforcement will begin after the expiration of the contravention notices."


You will not hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buy land and resell!

If you talk about agbero, they will turn it to tribal war.

Because Agbero - different versions will collect money, government officials will collect money

LASG will collect money! and still destroy it when you VOTE LABOUR PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Una never see anything!
Properties / Re: Drone Footage Of Massive Structures To Be Demolished In Lagos by Mrtaye: 5:03pm
You have rested your Lagos moniker wink

There are houses over 100 years old still standing in Lagos with no qualms. If you don't do the right thing, no matter how long it takes, you will face the consequences.

It's been days, weeks and months since they served them contravention notice, if you know what contravention notice means and how it works legally, you will not even ignorantly imply that those buildings have building approval documentation.
So are you saying Lasbca didn't visit the building sites while they were still under construction to put their usual red and white tape
Politics / Re: T hisGlobe.com pictures of onitsha you have never seen.its beautiful by whyyou2023: 5:03pm
Technology Market / Re: Tribit Stormbox Blast 90 Watts and other Tribit Speakers! by anonymousey: 5:03pm

Tribit StormBox Blast 90 watts speaker 175k

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Crime / Re: Pastor Abiodun Sunday Oluwadare Kills Pregnant Wife For Rituals In Ekiti by Sadwaste: 5:03pm
Skull mining nah them
Open defecators nah Dem
Rituals nah Dem
Yahoo nah Dem
Cabalism nah Dem
Every bad thing u must fine them
Tueeh I spilt on yaribans tribe

Now, they've pushed their drug lord son to destroy whatever is left of Nizooria.

Sadwaste tribe of savages.
Politics / Re: Do You Know That The Best Hospital Is Nigeria In Located In Anambra State (photo by Worldliness(f): 5:03pm

Save a life hospital in portharcourt is owned by an Anambra man

It's not an issue of who owns the hospital, is the hospital in Anambra the best in Nigeria? That's the question. Cos a hospital opened in May and using medical personnel who come occasionally for outreach cannot be compared to the teaching hospitals littered across the nation.

I'm only concerned about the false narrative and nothing else.
Politics / Re: Tweet Photos: Igbo Celebrate Ofala Festival In Anambra, Check Tweets Replies by YorubaDemonswag: 5:03pm

God bless Yoruba Ronu. Every giant must wake up. Last election, i saw fear in SanwoOlu, i watched him attend ibo church dey do usher and dey dance for votes, i cried for him. Migrants dey threaten Lagos Governor on our own land. Fayose had to come down to Lagos, Aregbe also came. After election, they take everything as war, no day passes without them demarketing Yoruba. I'm happy that more Yorubas are seeing through their agenda.

You dey mind those mumu liberal we have
Sports / Re: Messi's Set Of Game-worn 2022 FIFA World Cup Jerseys Draws $5.2M Opening Bid by Numerouno94(m): 5:03pm
Happy new month to my fellow MessiFc, penadogs should get theirs from the desert.

Happy new month to u the greatest desert league dusty fans slayer. May God continue to anoint ur head wit wisdom.gringrin
Technology Market / Re: Shoulder/office Bags And Mark Ryden Luxury Backpacks by anonymousey: 5:03pm
New stock of Mark Ryden models available


Shoulder bags available
Politics / Re: Tweet Photos: Igbo Celebrate Ofala Festival In Anambra, Check Tweets Replies by Pakute: 5:03pm

Even a fellow Igbo man is faulting them for using Yoruba people attire in their demonstration.

Dem no get cloth, go to SE, Aso-ebi don full everywhere.
Family / Re: Ego Sum Custos Fratris Mei Semper! by papiilo(m): 5:02pm

I can't do it again, you beg too much here
then you confirmed to me that you're a liar child of Satan I already said it in the first place wen u try to form a saint u called yourself a pastor that's y I said I know you

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